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You'll find all Shop Items for INX PVP 4Man and 2Man Clusters
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Discord ARK SE : https://discord.gg/jx8rd2kWBU


Terms of Service


Store Orders for INXServ are payments for virtual perks and/or items.  All items are virtual and have no value. The transaction is final and no refunds will be given. 

If you are banned for breaking the rules on INX, you will not be refunded. Bans are subject to the full discretion of the server admins. Store items lost in PvE or other natural events in-game will not be replaced. However, items that are proven to be lost in glitches, crashes, corruption, or other unpreventable situations may be replaced at the admin team's discretion.

Please acknowledge that INX clusters are subject to wipe at any time and your timed store purchase will not freeze or be extended between off-season(s) and will continue to run as normal.

Refund Policy

INXServ has a strict NO REFUND policy on all delivered items, as all our items are digital they can be traced.

Any unscheduled payment chargebacks not discussed with INX Board will result in a permanent ban from INXServ. If you feel you are entitled to a refund - you must open a Store Issue's ticket on our Discord.

Privacy Policy

This policy covers how we use your personal information. We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.